Hairstyling often contains an element of surprise inspired by fashion, art, nature ... stylists proposals to implement a color, a pattern, a line, are what brings a woman's glory in terms of styling, a modern, avant-garde to the sensual women. The effect can be surprisingly chic. All this combinations, defines a look.
    For us every hairstyle is a story. And how stories are written in our guests, we invite you to discover your story together.


    Our esthetician target effective result through a whole ritual that initiates you into the world of the senses. Every woman needs to feel beautiful and cared for, regardless of the season. Thus, her beauty ritual should not miss cosmetic treatments and silky skin after hair removal. ABBATE salons proposes two methods to remove unwanted hair: the classic method, traditional wax or disposable and the groundbreaking Square Pulse Light. Either way, the result is a smoother skin and Confidence!


    Neat hands represents a business card for a woman ... Let yourself go on a journey of pampering and live a unique experience through the spirit of SPA, which means pleasure, escape from daily routine and effective outcome.


    In modern society the perfect body passed from the ideal to the real, which takes you to the world of total relaxation. Massage is one of the oldest, simplest forms of therapy. Basic goal of massage therapy is to help the body heal itself and to increase health and wellbeing of your self.


    The original interpretation of how today's man should be characterized by the complex personality and style, always active and involved in everyday life, it is completely new in style and sophistication. And as each of you wants to shape as well unique style and personal charm, you were ready for the most creative solutions.


    Tanned skin has a special charm, exudes sensuality. A balanced tan is a healthy broz. The benefits of vitamin D are tanning, ultraviolet betraying various forms of acne.


    The more damaged your hair is the more important are the treatments. From blond hair to the dark and curly on the right at us you can find all kind customized according taratmentele scalp hair for any problem.